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Ted V. Fisher
Economic Development Director,
City of Sapulpa
425 E. Dewey
PO Box 1130
Sapulpa, OK 74067
Ph: 918-224-3040
Fax: 918-224-6660

Business Opportunities

TDW Building PhotoSapulpa's residential housing market is growing, both in number of new homes built each year and in the average value of those new homes. This increasing market is driving significant demand for products and services. This demand is currently being served by businesses outside of the trade area. Residents of Sapulpa and surrounding communities and areas are typically making a 20 to 30-minute drive into Tulsa proper to procure what they need and want.

With a trade area leakage that exceeds $600 million, Sapulpa represents a growing market largely untapped by major retail development.

Freddie's Bar B Q PhotoIn addition to the positive residential growth, commercial growth and re-investment is also strong in Sapulpa. More than $177 million in commercial building permits have been issued by the city since 2000.

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Residential Permits

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